Steve Morgan and Garth Hodgdon began Champagne Happy Hour in 2019. The premise was simple, create an event that allowed people to try Champagne producers and cuvées that they have probably never tried before. One event turned in to a monthly event. A couple dozen people turned in to a few hundred and a monthly event turned in to a ten day extravaganza, Chicago Champagne Week. The mission has always been the same, to remove the stigma and myths attached to champagne making it a more accessible, every day beverage. 


Champagne Happy Hour will continue in the future with more events, seminars, dinners and Chicago Champagne Week. Today we are partnering with The United Sommeliers Foundation to support the community of Sommeliers across the country and their restaurants. All proceeds from Champagne Happy Hour sales will go directly to support those who need it the most. If you would like to help visit our instagram page. Check back often for all things Champagne and we hope to see you at an event when the time is right. Until then, Champagne is appropriate almost anytime of the day, tag us in your photos as we all drink together while we are apart. 

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